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Ever since the beginning of time women have suffered abuse of all sorts. Some have suffered in silence, some openly, some ignorantly while others knowingly stay in abusive relationships for many different reasons, for some it is because of financial security, for the sake of the children or the  lack of moral support,  among other reasons. This is a matter fully comprehensible by the founder of this ministry and as such the mandate of ‘From Brokenness to Victory’ is to provide means of restoration for broken women.

JOAN WRIGHT GOOD has lived that life her story and journey will make you cry, laugh and even rejoice. She has willingly moved passed her past to become a multi-faceted Entrepreneur, with a philanthropic heart. She is a Speaker, a two time Author, CEO of Outsourcing Business Solutions LLC and founder of the Institute of Entrepreneurs and Business Management. She has dedicated her life and talents to serving God and has been a tower of strength for people worldwide. Like Maya Angelou her motto is “if you learn, teach, if you receive, give!” freely we give, freely we receive. Help her make and celebrate phenomenal women across the globe.

Educated and cultivated in the field of Business and Marketing, she holds a BSc in Management Studies, Bachelors in Law and a Masters in Business Administration. Her best seller From Brokenness to Victory has ministered healing to the lost, broken and abused and with YOU are Different for a Reason – Maximize Your Difference she continues to inspire, motivate and transform lives globally!